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False Alarm


  1. Aug 16,  · She has two friends who need dates, but the only way Curly can get Moe and Larry out of the station is to pull a fire alarm. The firetruck leaves without Moe and Larry, so they steal the captains new car to make it to the call first/10().
  2. A hit response was a correct "word" response and a false alarm was an incorrect "word" response. From Cambridge English Corpus The impaired and normal elderly subjects did not differ in false alarm rates.
  3. Jun 23,  · False alarms are a reality for anyone with a home security verneiwogaposo.tidigyhypgadahelessdagenasubs.infoinfo a DIY system or a system that isn’t monitored, you will be the only one responding to any home security alarms that occur. In this case, you will be responsible for determining the nature of the home alarm and deciding whether or not to alert emergency services.
  4. A false alarm is any signal or communication generated by or from an alarm system which prompts a response by emergency services in the County and outside any city limits and after an investigation reveals there is no indication of an emergency which would require the need for immediate assistance.
  5. Definition of a false alarm in the Idioms Dictionary. a false alarm phrase. What does a false alarm expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary.
  6. More relevant than ever as the Coronavirus, COVID pandemic sweeps the globe, False Alarm (Originally released in ) reminds readers to look closely at the facts as the media covers the national pandemic news and spread of the virus, as well as reinforces the notion that we must arm ourselves against fear tactics that inhibit our abilities to properly make decisions in a world of verneiwogaposo.tidigyhypgadahelessdagenasubs.infoinfo by:
  7. False alarm definition is - an alarm (such as a fire or burglar alarm) that is set off needlessly. How to use false alarm in a sentence.
  8. False alarm synonyms and False alarm antonyms. Top synonym for false alarm (another word for false alarm) is hoax.
  9. Jun 24,  · False Alarm Lyrics: I heard sirens in my head / From the first time that we met / Thought it was a false alarm / Yeah, we started as a spark / Didn't think we'd come this far / But here we are, oh / I.

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